Project Management

Rainmaker offers leading edge drilling technology and expertise to international markets. Past operations have included full-cycle oil and gas development projects from research phase through to production. Rainmaker has applied these modern oil and gas strategies and processes to projects including water well drilling and geothermal wells with great success. From MPD in extended reach multi-lateral horizontal oil wells to wildcat drilling, from air hammers on large-bore water wells to HTHP geothermal projects, Rainmaker supervisors and project managers have the decades of field experience and access to state of the art expertise to effectively manage jobs in a variety of diverse environments around the globe.

Drilling and Completions Engineering

Rainmaker project management personnel have multiple years of drilling and completions experience throughout Canada, US and numerous International regions. Through the years, we have built a broad network of wellsite consultants and built relationships in all facets of the service industry.

Well Planning and Design

Rainmaker will provide innovative well design solutions to achieve the most optimal well trajectories and BHA designs. Utilizing our vast experience our goal is to design and drill as efficiently as possible to meet customer objectives and regulatory constraints.

Hazard Identification Programs

Rainmaker can develop programs to eliminate or control potential hazards to ensure personnel and environmental safety.

HSSE Planning and Assessments

Rainmaker can provide safety professionals with domestic & international experience in all aspects of safety management systems to achieve targets that include reducing and preventing accidents and environmental impact.

Remote and On-Site Project Supervision and Management

Rainmaker can provide fit for purpose certified well-site supervisors and office engineers to match specific operational requirements.